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Modified Election Vehicles Features



Hi all, Welcome to jeep clinic .jeep clinic get India’s first BAS ISO 9001 2008 on Restoration & Re modification field .Your search for will show you the different types off election campaign vehicles   with in your budget. Please remember to visit our website www.jeepclinic.com Gallery page in order to view different types of Modified election vehicle and in order to purchase the vehicles according to your choice.

We jeepclinic modified expert in election campaign vehicle company brand  Of The Bolero Camper, Mahindra thar di,thar crde, mm540, maruthi gypsy  Mahindra imperio,scorpio getaway ,xylo pickup ,bolero pickup, Tata xenon, Isuzu D-max,





Easy maneuverability

Spacious single& double-wall cargo box

Luxurious interiors

High ground clearance

3 seats and 5 seated with carriage


Vehicle colour based on party colour.

Very strong MS & wood Stage with steps and carpet.

Customized strong  roll over bars around the vehicle

Limited Rollover bar with party colors  over covers

Customized rooftop with party’s  logo and flags

Ahuja addressing system with 6 or 4 speakers and cordless mikes.

Customized power full audio 4 speakers

Customized amplifier and pen drive & Dvd option 

Very loved mega sonic horns

High power LED lamps projected at the candidate from front and back.

Focus led  lamps on front and back projected to the public.

PU seat and steering covers matching the party/vehicle color

Candidate focus customized wooden stage and carpet

Extra battery and high power alternator with separate wiring and fuse for the additional electricals.or 1800 W to 2800 w Branded  Genset

 Flag rods on the corners. Two to four

Heavy duty footsteps on each side that can take a load of 8 members.(very much needed in India, isn’t it?)

LED lighting on front seats for visibility of candidate at nights.

Advertisement plates  and Flex frames around the vehicle.


- See more at: http://www.jeepclinic.com

For more details Call 09894599940

About 4x4 Customs

Hi all, Welcome to jeepclinic Restoration & Re modification jeeps field .Your search for the open/close jeep's end's here.look like willysMB,willysGPW,willys cj2a,willys3a,willys cj3b,willys kaiserjeep,classicjeep,mm540,mm550,maruthi gypsy.jongajeeps,mahindra Thar ,Bolero modification,Our company provides all type's of open/close jeep's with all types of engines. We will satisfy all your needs by providing you all types of Modified open/close jeep's with all types of engines. We have all types of modified open/close jeep's with various and different type's of engine's. Various colors in the Modified jeep's are also available at are site office. We are selling Modified open/close jeep's at the different different prices according to the color and engine of the jeep. Our Gallery page will show you the different types of models of Modified open/close jeep’s. If you are interested in keeping open/close jeep's with you and intrested in Roaming on open/close jeep's then you can purchase the open/close jeep today from us at very attractive price's and with in your budget. Please remember to visit our website www.jeepclinic.com Gallery page in order to view different type's of Modified open/close jeep's and in order to purchase the open/close jeep according to your choice. Aim Modified jeepsOur aim is to provide Modified open/close jeeps to all those people's whose hobby is to keep open/close jeeps with them. We are in this business since long time and we are satisfying people with our best service. Our aim is to spread our bussiness all over India so, that anybody who wants to purchase Modified open/close jeeps can purchase from our company. We will satisfy all the needs of the person who wants to purchase the open/close jeep. JEEP CLINIC Adventure now starts with J. For years now there is only one vehicle that was rolled out to give the ultimate off road experience, the JEEP. Only a very few understand this wonderful beast and we are one of them, led by Mr Gopal, who’s love for Jeeps knows no end. We call ourselves “Jeep Clinic” and rebuilding and restoring old Jeeps is just our thing. With more and more luxury cars rolled out each year, the taste for Jeeps has dipped. We believe that with the right vision, components and team of experts we could put back the adventure into these machines. We pride ourselves in being the first registered company of this type in India. Building a jeep from the ground up takes the experts at Jeep Clinic about three months. We have worked on old war horses with hurricane engines and a 3 T-speed 90 gear box and have restored to its original condition disposed Army Jeeps such as the MM540, 550. Jeep Clinic under Gopal has customized over 400 jeeps across the nations. What started off with restoring old jeeps has today grow
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