Election Vehicle Modification

DA Moto Craft is an Indian jeep modifications company. We now offer a whole range of quality products like Restoration & Re modification jeeps field .Your search for the open/close jeep's end's here. company provides all types of open/close jeep's with all types of engines
Restored jeep are we make on the chassis with Brand new body shell,wheels tyres etc. jeeps our aim is to provide Modified open/close jeeps. We also do Election campaign vehicles modification at DA Moto Craft coimbatore. Please find the technical specifications below:
1.Main frame structure shall be made with mild steel tubular sections of heavy duty and will be built as per the shape required. The scope of construction will be all welded and bolted as per the convenience.
2.Tubular sections shall be used for fabrication of railings for front, left side and right side and the construction will be by means of welding / bolting etc.

3. A platform shall be raised and built up to a suitable height at front immediate after the driver's cabin with mild steel sections and all welded and bolted to the floor frame. the built stage/ platform further reinforced with bwr wooden ply duly covered with carpet. Seating arrangement shall be made in the rear body on either sides .
4.Flag rods shall be made with mild steel tubes and raised up to a height of 13 feets from ground level and provided at front and rear corners.
5.Heavy duty foot step assemblies made with mild steel sections and fitted to the vehicle on left side, rear side.
foot step assembly with 3 steps made with mild steel sections and fitted at rear side as per the convenience.
6.Advertising plates having 16” dia shall be made with mild steel plates and fitted to the vehicle wherever necessary. the built frame structure shall be treated with red oxide metal primer/ sk ps grey paint and the same shall be painted and finished with quick drying coach enamel paints of selected shades.
complete electrical wiring of the built body with on/off switches shall be made.

7.Electrical fitments will be as follows:

  • ahuja make amplifier – 1no.
  • ahuja make horn speakers – 4 nos.
  • music player – 1 no.
  • mouth piece with card – 1 no.
  • cordless microphone – 1 no
  • inverter 800 va – 1 no.
  • high power led lights – 4 nos.
  • pelican genset 2500 – 1 no